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Welcome. This is a joint blog written by two serious beauty addicts, located on separate sides of the globe. Emily likes to call herself a global nomad, but she's really just a classic millenial (albeit of the former expat brat variety) facing a quarter life crisis. Rachel is a hardened East Coaster who frequently laments her unused English Lit degree. The two of us bonded over our shared love of Surratt blushes, Victoria Beckham's Java Sun bronzer, and an unfortunate joint habit of lapsing into online shopping fugue states - or what we call beauty blackouts.

You may be susceptible to beauty blackouts if you experience any of the following common symptoms on a somewhat regular basis:

If any of the above sound familiar to you, congratulations - you're on the right site! We're here to talk beauty without the BS, share some - hopefully helpful - recommendations as well as thoroughly trash the dud products we inevitably end up buying and, last but not least, have fun. To our readers - we'd love to get to know you so please jump in and comment. If you're already acquainted with either of us, thanks for popping by, we love you, and we're thrilled you made it to this corner of the internet <3

For reference, here’s a breakdown of each of our skin types, the foundations and concealers we each use, and our preferences when it comes to base products (primers, foundation, concealer). We know this is helpful for a lot of readers so don’t hesitate to shoot us a message if you want any further info or clarification.

Our Foundation & Concealer Matches


Singapore is basically smack on the equator so it has a tropical climate characterised by high levels of heat and absolutely smothering humidity. When I say a product has good wear time, you better believe it because makeup really gets put to the test here. My skin is far less dry here than it is when I am in Canada, although dehydration remains a problem. I also get the occasional (and unfortunate) zit once in a while here, which doesn't really happen in more temperate climates.

Because of the heat and humidity, I much prefer my base products to be sheer and lightweight - nothing heavy, matte or full-coverage. I think it's best to work with, rather than fight against, the climate. So I keep coverage minimal, and I don't use mattifying primers. I do love glowy ones (Chanel Le Blanc, for example) as well as formulas that give me a touch more colour a.k.a. the illusion of a tan (NIOD Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8% is where it's at!)

I don't use any eye primer whatsoever, although I do often use cream eyeshadow as a base.

My skin tends to get dry the moment I get onto a plane and it will stay that way in any non-tropical country. I burn extremely easily and don't tan well naturally (I try but I admit I am a little/very lazy with my fake tanning regimen.)

Foundations I Wear:

Concealers I Wear:

Powders (Pressed, Loose, and Setting):



I live in the Northeast US so the climate varies wildly based on season - it tends to get very hot and humid during the summer, and extremely cold and quite dry in the winter. As such, while moisturizing is important year round, in winter I’ll add in heavier moisturizers or extra layers of hydrating products. For base products, I prefer dewy or satin finishes, and nothing too heavy or matte. I also have to switch to different shades of foundation depending on the season as I tan quite easily even with the use of sunscreen.

Foundations I Wear:

Winter matches

Summer matches

Other Foundation Matches

Concealers I Wear:

Powders (Pressed, Loose, and Setting):



For those who are interested, we thought it would be helpful to talk a little bit about the Baumann Skin Type Questionnaire. It was developed by Dr. Leslie Baumann and we think it’s a great test to take if you’re interested in understanding more about your skin. Basically, the test evaluates where you fall on four different spectrums, listed below:

OILY VS. DRY: This is pretty self-explanatory. The more sebum your skin produces, the oilier your skin is. People with drier skin tend to have issues with retaining moisture and maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

SENSITIVE VS. REACTIVE: If we had to summarise this in one sentence, it would be this: the more sensitive your skin is, the more issues you’re going to have to deal with. There are four different subtypes of sensitive skin, which we won’t go into, but the one thing they all have in common is inflammation. If your skin is resistant, you’re less likely to react to active ingredients in products. Sensitive skin likes routine.

PIGMENTED VS. NON-PIGMENTED: Pigmented skin can fall anywhere on the spectrum between light and dark. Although pigmented skin types tend to tan easily, they also are prone to developing more visible signs of sun damage (this can include anything from freckles to liver spots/melasma to cancerous melanoma.) Non-pigmented skin types don’t tan as easily - they burn. In science speak, they have less melanin and less pre-existing pigmentation (translation: are usually paler) to protect them from damage caused by sun exposure. Whichever side of the spectrum you fall on, you should probably still wear sunscreen everyday because, (not so) fun fact, it’s the sun that really causes aging.

TIGHT VS. WRINKLED: Aging is partly due to genetics and partly due to lifestyle choices (which are within your control.) Some people just age better than others. Life isn’t fair. What else is new? These people tend to fall on the ‘tight’ end of the spectrum. However, by taking the necessary precautions at an early stage, ‘wrinkled’ skin types can avoid a lot of the damage and signs of aging that they are genetically predisposed to.


Baumann Category: DSNT

"Dry, sensitive, non-pigmented and tight (non-wrinkled) skin is characterized by acne breakouts or facial redness and flushing, or frequent skin rashes and irritation. Your skin’s protective barrier is weak beware because this makes it more susceptible to skin rashes and dehydration. However, it does have a lower tendency to wrinkle."

Skincare Preferences/Things I Avoid:

Ideally, I would like parabens and preservatives in all my products

Rachel's Skin Type

Baumann Skin Type: DRPT

Dry, resistant, pigmented and tight (non-wrinkled) skin rarely suffers from sensitivity issues such as acne breakouts, facial redness, or skin rashes. Luckily, this skin type has a lower tendency to wrinkle than other types because of increased skin pigmentation and the strong protective barrier."

Skincare Preferences/Things I Avoid:



Because I have a “P” skin type, meaning I tan easily but am also prone to sun spots, melasma, and any blemishes turning into a PIH spots- those annoying dark spots on your skin that can appear after an acne blemish has healed. They are the result of increased melanin production in a certain area of skin that has been injured and are tricky to fade. Therefore I like niacinamide in my products- as an ingredient in a serum or moisturizer, as this helps fade hyperpigmentation and brightens skin tone. Vitamin C is another good one although I admit I’m not as consistent as I should be. Jarred products that claim to be Vit C are useless as Vit C is by its nature unstable and spoils very quickly- it generally needs to be in a light-tight bottle, although The Ordinary is now coming out with new formulations that claim to be more stable. Acid exfoliators like Sunday Riley Good Genes and Biologique Recharche P50, along with a retinal, also help increase skin turnover which fades hyperpigmentation. I use prescription tretinoin.

My skin, according to the Baumann skin questionnaire, is “slightly dry”- it can get extremely dry in winter and can get very flakey, while in the summer my skin is more “normal”.

For more information about Baumann skin typing and figuring out your type, you can check out her website here