Rachel's Fall Beauty Round-Up

When one lives in a constant state of FOMO it's necessary to force oneself to pause and reflect on the state of things every so often. Seasonally at least! Now that we're halfway through autumn and being bombarded with holiday collections and bundles, it's good to take time and appreciate the heavy hitters of the past few months.

My number one love has to be the Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Fall 2017 collaboration. Emily and I spent the entire month of August obsessing over the coming launch, drafting and redrafting "must have" lists which were frankly pointless because they included practically the entire collection. Turns out we are intuitive geniuses because the majority of the collection is stunning with very few duds (the eyeshadow duos and palette received quite mixed reviews). Hard to pick a favorite (and full reviews incoming) but my most frequently used products from launch include:

Cheek Creme in Blonde Mink: Perfecly dewy, fairly long-lasting, tawny rose goodness. Makes me look slightly sunburnt in a good way if I stipple it lightly across my cheeks and nose.

Matte Lipstick in 'Victoria' and the matching Lip Pencil: Finally I can fulfill my lifelong dream of emulating Victoria Beckham circa 1997, because these are THAT shade of 90s nude brown.

Eye Foils, particularly Blonde Gold: Blonde Gold, along with Burnt Anise, are technically repromotes from last years launch, but have been repackaged and I assume reformulated. They've switched from tube packaging with a doe foot applicator à la the Armani Eye Tints, into hefty pots. When Blonde Gold is layered across the lids it looks like genuine gold foil like an Early Renaissance mosaic. It's sparkle but grown up, and really beautiful.

Last year's Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Eye Palette: I know, I know, this isn't current, but it's still available on Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus (hint, hint). It's also all shimmers with no matte shades, but don't be intimidated, this palette has changed me on a fundamental level. Fired Saphire and Burnished Sage are amazing as a liner or smudged on the lower lash line, and the lighter gold (Blonde Cumin) and deeper, warmer Metal Saffron look amazing in a wash across the lids.

Ok, stepping away from VB x EL for a moment, Tom Ford had a few new releases, including the much-hyped Lips and Girls, and the less-hyped shade extensions for his regular lipsticks. Again, comprehensive reviews incoming for these lines but my favorites from Mr. Ford include:

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Wicked Ways: I have been wearing this nonstop for fall. It was recommended to me by a lovely Nordstrom SA who has a similar skintone to me and she was right, it's gorgeous. Tom Ford's matte formula is one of the best in my opinion.

Golden Rose Eye & Lip Set: this was a Nordstrom exclusive available during their summer Anniversary Sale. The set included a re-promote of the limited edition and highly coveted Cream Color for Eyes in the shade, Escapade, along with full size Extreme Mascara, and a mini Indian Rose Lip COlour. The lipstick is cute but very small - we're talking smaller than the Lips and Boys. Escapade is quite similar to Sphinx but without that almost duochrome pink/orange shift that makes Sphinx so unique. It's still a beautiful metallic sheeny pink that's different enough to justify. Also the box it came in was pretty and velvety and I hoard nice packaging.

Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation and Concealer in Fawn: Why I felt the need to add another foundation is a mystery. I don't even like full coverage foundations. Luckily it's not too thick, looks natural, and is indeed waterproof. I have some very slight discoloration on my left cheek that appears in the summer when I tan (yes even with sunscreen, although I assume it would be worse if I wasn't using an SPF and acids at night) and this covers that up without looking like I have a full face of foundation on. I'd like to use this formula next summer because it wears so incredibly well even in the heat and humidity. Tom Ford foundations seem to have a decent handle on undertones and aren't just straight pink or yellow, which is nice.I suspect Bisque or Sable will work for me in summer, since I've been mixing a drop of Armani Luminous Silk shade 6 in as my summer tan is slowly fading (sob).

A Few More Odds & Ends...

Dior Addict Gel Laquer Sticks, especially Underground: I believe this was a spring launch, but Underground is perfect for autumn. It's sort of like a glossier, slightly lighter version of Charlotte Tibury's Very Victoria lipstick, perhaps just a touch more mauve. A nice departure from the pinks, berries, and reds that make up the usual Dior repertoire.

ALL the blushes: Aside from the aforementioned VB x EL Blonde Mink, I'm also loving By Terry's Terrybly Densiliss Blush in Platonic Blonde (there's been a lot of enabling going on this month as far as spontaneous blush purchases go). Continuing on my quest to collect all the Surratt blushes, I've also had Canteloup and De Cherubique on heavy rotation.

Shiseido Ultimate Eye Concentrate: I'm almost out of this and it kind of hurts me to pay $60 for an undereye cream but I really like it. It's a gel, not a cream , and kind of...melts into the skin and almost feels like it forms a barrier. But in a good way.

DevaCurl hair products: since I stopped blow drying and straightening my hair and started wearing it natural (wavy) I've been pretty stuck on DevaCurl products. I got a Deva cut and can't believe how curly my hair is and how light it feels now that the bulk has been taken down a bit. Takes way less time to dry too. I use their No-poo shampoo and conditioner (the Decadent line) and Coconut Curling Cream. I might try the gel next, I'm not sure.

I'm also liking the Ouai Rose Hair & Body Oil, because it's an actual oil rather than a blend of silicones with a tiny bit of oil added. Plus anything rose scented sucks me RIGHT in. For months I've been contemplating the Aerin fragrance Rose de Grasse, despite its White Diamonds level tacky bottle, because it smells like a literal field of freshly blooming roses with no underlying powderiness. But now it's fall and everyone's pulling out their heady, woodsy fragrances and their spicy Oriental perfumes. Not that any of these "rules" are set in stone, but I suppose I can wait for spring. Unless I succumb to another blackout of course, so no promises.