Emily's Fall Beauty Round-Up

It’s crazy how fast fall has flown by and when I say ‘fall’, I’m talking about the fall beauty collections. (When you live somewhere where it’s always summer, new product launches are one of the few ways to gauge the passing of time.)

​ So before we get swamped with all the holiday launches and major new collections that are dropping, we want to first take a moment to appreciate the best of what fall had to offer.

The ‘Big Deal’ Topics:

Victoria Beckham’s (second) collaboration with Estée Lauder:

This collection was definitely the fixation du jour (okay, more like 'fixation du mois/été' - it was definitely a solid month or two of obsessing). I think I'm fated to become a VB x EL collector, like...the type of person who buys the entire collection each time, including the objectively unappealing and/or badly reviewed products, because, you know, completion.

During this time, both Rachel and I drafted appallingly long to-buy lists (I still managed to exceed mine, in true beauty blackout fashion).

Tom Ford’s Boys & Girls Collection

(because apparently just 'Girls' doesn't cut it.)

GRADE: D-? F? I don’t know but this sucked. (And of course it had to be the GIRLS that sucked rather than the Boys. Just to add extra insult to injury.)

An early indicator that it would suck was the fact that out of 50 lipsticks named after ‘girls’, NOT ONE shade was called ‘Emily’ or ‘Rachel’. Um, hello, WTF, Tom Ford? You really can't throw us a single bone? After all those years we spent in school being known as Emily M. and Rachel S., we don't even get a mini lipstick with our name on it?

The Good News: Most of the Girls sucked. Ok, maybe not entirely good news since I blind bought 19 of these suckers. Glass half full though. I mean, with no Emily shade, no Rachel was a foregone conclusion this collection would be a fail. (If you want the full story - and warning, there are casualties - look out for our full round-up of the Tom Ford Boys and Girls collection in a couple weeks.)

Fall's SLAM DUNK Winners:

(many of which we’ll be reviewing individually because they’re THAT good.)

Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder’s 2017 Fall Collection:

Alright, alright, so I’m cheating here. Amongst the new products, the standouts for me were the Eye Foils (now repackaged in jars and - perhaps - slightly reformulated.) The Blonde Mink cream blush was immediate love at first swipe. Yes, full overview to come of the VB x EL collection.

Hakuhodo’s (very elusive) F1641 fan brush:

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this brush at a Hakuhodo event here in Singapore back in August. If I’d known it was going to take this long to get listed on the website, I’d have bought the F6240 as well and at least half a dozen more F1641s for friends in need too. Perfect for patting highlighter - Victoria Beckham's Modern Mercury, of course - onto the curve of my cheekbones. Perfect for highlighting the brow-bone. Perfect for lightly dusting setting powder below the eyes, which is something I rarely do to be honest, has to have #goals, amirite?

​ ​

Christophe Robin’s Volumizing Paste with Rose and Rhassoul Clay:

I’ve yet to fall in love with any Christophe Robin shampoos or conditioners (…yet) but damn, I love basically every one of his treatment I’ve tried. ’Treatments’ to me = stuff in a jar that you don’t use everyday. I’m not a huge hair person to be honest. BUT I do know what I like and the Volumizing Paste just might have displaced his Salt Scrub as my favourite treatment. And I love that salt scrub (I’m on my third jar now, haven’t let myself run out since I tried it). They’re different, by the way so yes, you can and should buy both. FYI: This is NOT a pretty looking product in the jar…it looks like mud, has the texture of pudding and is generally not something you want to splatter onto the bathroom floor while you’re working up some suds. It looks like…you know. But it smells like roses and gives my hair the sort of gloss that Pantene commercials are made of*.

Smith & Cult’s Flatte Tainted Lip Stain in Demon Dazed:

The only liquid lipstick formula I’ve ever loved and god, do I love it. Demon Dazed is Smith & Cult's lastest offering in the Flattes and it's a cool deepened claret that is perfect for fall.

Hourglass Confession Lipsticks:

I am OBSESSSED with these. I have 16 Confessions as of the time of writing and you bet I’ll Never Stop (hey, I haven’t gotten that one yet anyway). I’m Addicted to these. I’ve Been told not to overdo the puns - so for this One Time anyway - you’re spared. Look out for the review that'll be coming One Day soon...

NIOD 12% Photography Fluid:

Rachel still hasn’t tried this stuff, much to her detriment, I’m afraid. I don’t know where to start: um, ‘buy it’ is the gist though. Like, open another tab, buy it now, and thank me when it arrives. This stuff is magic in a little 30ml bottle. Yes, it has a very strange, intimidating name and no, I probably wouldn’t have picked it up if it weren’t for one of those blessed Beauty Blackouts that happen to even the best of us. A full review to come. In the meantime, I’m rather intrigued by the 8% formula. Just for the sake of science, I might give it a go next.

EL x VB Eye Shadow Palette (last year's):

OK, I love the Eye Metals (esp Bitter Clove and Charred Emerald), I love the new pot Eye Foils, and I'm really disappointed in the Eye Matte Duos. But this month rekindled my love for this palette.....I just keep coming back to it. I adore it, the formula and the colours are flawless. I've been wearing a shade or two basically everyday. I went and bought a backup at my go-to Estée Lauder counter which insanely still had it in stock. It's the only eyeshadow palette I've ever backed up.

Dior's Gel Lacquer Stick in LA Pink:

So the only reason Underground isn't on here is because it was out of stock everywhere and so I finished half a tube of LA Pink first. Half a tube of lipstick, people. Not an easy feat. This has been living in the bottom of my handbag/junk bin for the last couple months and I'm not sick of it at all. Btw, this was a Rachel rec and Rachel never leads me astray when it comes to overpriced expensive lip balms (see Tom Ford's Fathom - her fault). Underground is great but LA Pink - not pink, FYI - is still my favourite. Will be on my second tube shortly**.

Kjaer Weis Cream Blushes:

I have far too many of these already but I could live a relatively happy existence with just Abundance and Blossoming I think. Abundance is a cool mauve taupe which is essential for all the paler, neutral to cool tooned people out there. It's a contour and a blush at the same time. It's SO good I would pay 3x the already exorbitant price for it. Blossoming is like the Platonic ideal of an English Rose shade of blush - creamy, demure and softly pink. Full review to come.

Chanel's Lip Liner in Mordoré Nude 05:

Sorry, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat - we had a good run. But I have a new favourite goes-with-everything lip liner and it's the rather sinisterly named Mordoré Nude. (Yes, I think of Lord of the Rings everytime I put this on. Not a bad thing.) How do I describe this shade? A coppery plum with a pearly, almost metallic sheen. It's warm and cool at the same time, it's a statement shade in itself but also goes with every single lipstick I own. It's not new to the market, just new to me, but it just goes to show that new releases aren't everything. (Full lip liner round-up to come, and yes, it will be epic).

*unfortunately, Pantene products do not a glossy mane make. (In my experience anyway)
** no promises though, I'm notoriously non-commital when it comes to lip products