Pat McGrath’s Curated Collections of LuxeTrance Lipsticks for Holiday 2017 (...this is MAJOR!)

When it comes to lipsticks, here's a daily nugget of truth for you: there is no such thing as owning too many of them. Our drawers, vanities and handbags literally overfloweth with them. And since Pat McGrath’s LuxeTrance lipsticks were only the lipsticks of 2017, it should come as no surprise that our top recs for the holiday season are Pat's 'Lust' Curated Collections of her LuxeTrance lipsticks, available in several different sizes/price points. If you STILL don’t own any LuxeTrance lipsticks, we want to let you know that you are officially on notice: you have no excuse not to buy some now. Pat CURATED these sets. There are SAVINGS involved. You’re being FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. Got it? Right. We hope so.

Of course, there are other holiday lipstick sets out there, which you could theoretically opt for instead of just buying Pat's. And, as beauty bloggers, we probably do have some sort of duty to provide you with alternative suggestions. SO - here they are. You’ll notice that we've taken the trouble to explain why each of the alternatives listed below is, objectively, totally inferior to any of Pat McGrath Curated's Collections. Seriously, just save your money for the LuxeTrance sets.

Alternative Lipstick Set Options for Holiday 2017

Hourglass Confession Lipstick Archive

Price: $650


Alright, I actually love the Hourglass Confession lipsticks. I mean, I personally own over 20 Confessions, and no, I don't regret a single one. BUT - objectively speaking - the question before us today is whether the Hourglass Confession Lipstick Archive is worth shelling out $650 for? Answer: NOPE. Why? See below for why you should NOT buy this Archive:

  • Because you only save a measly $34 which - I must say - is hardly very generous of Hourglass/Sephora. Given that these teeny tiny lipsticks are already pretty outrageously priced, they could have been a tad more generous in pricing the Archive.

  • The set includes a grand total of TWO gold applicators. The whole point of owning a Confession lipstick is to be that bougie AF bitch in the room, waving around the sexiest tube/applicator of lipstick ever. In a very blasé manner. Now, would said bougie AF bitch waste her time switching out refills using an instruction guide that looks like a fucking IKEA manual? HELL NO. Case closed.

Okay, okay, that was a lie. One more reason not to buy the Hourglass Archive:

  • “Too large for gift packaging”? REALLY? That’s why we buy pre-assembled sets to give to people for Christmas in the first place! The whole point is to avoid the onerous task of wrapping the bloody gift ourselves. (Too DIY-ish.)

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Stockpile ($325)

Q: Why should you not buy this?

A: Because it’s from Urban Decay. Duh. Ew.

Bite Beauty Creme Lip Crayon Collection ($135)

Why this set sucks: Because these things are basically lipliners and not even full-sized ones at that. Also, Rachel speaking here: in my experience, Bite leads to bleeding, feathering and exaggerated lip lines. Which is not a good look, needless to say.

Tom Ford Boys and Girls 50 Piece Set ($1,980 per gendered set)

The Boys Collection might be worth it, however the Girls Collection definitely is NOT. And since just typing that made me retch (hey there, veiled misogyny - notice how it’s the Girls which are complete shit, not the Boys), maybe DON'T buy either of these ridiculously overpriced sets.

Other Reasons Not to Buy the Boys/Girls Collection(s):

  • 2k is a ton of money. (Okay, I'm not entirely confident that my monthly beauty spending doesn’t exceed that amount but...let’s not go there just now..)
  • The good set aka the Boys Collection (UGH) is already sold out so… don’t really have an option here. Well, unless you like to start off each day with a freshly broken bullet of nauseatingly expensive lipstick in which case, you do you - buy the Girls Collection. A quarter of mine snapped on me, I bought over twenty blind, and yes, this is Emily speaking.

Which brings us to the OBVIOUS CHOICE(S) you're totally going to go for instead...


Price: USD $550
Value: USD $646

"DESCRIPTION: EXCLUSIVE TO PATMcGRATH.COM - The ultimate holiday lip set stars a 17-piece slayage of LuxeTrance™ Lipsticks that promises to provoke, seduce and slay the season in hues that hug every curve."

The shades included in the Lust: Curated Collection of 17 are listed below. Confession: We don't have swatches of all the shades for you just yet. Why? Um, because neither of us owns those lipsticks. Ugh, so embarassing to admit. We've marked these shades with an 'x'. Rest assured though: here at the Beauty Blackout we always go beyond the call of duty, and therefore most of the shades we don't possess are currently in transit to us as at the moment of typing. So: keep an eye out for the updated version of this post, with even more swatches.

  • Donatella (Beige Mauve)
  • Sextrology (Neutral Pink)
  • Major Red (Cool Red) x
  • Lavish (Mauve Rose)
  • Tropicalia (Neutral Coral)
  • Valletta (Neutral Peach)
  • Anarkissed (Vivid Wine) x
  • Wrecked (True Berry) x
  • LaBeija (Warm Peach Tone Beige)
  • Sorry, Not Sorry (Plum)
  • Profumo (Neutral True Pink)
  • She's Heaven (Brown Rose)
  • Madame Greige (Violet Based Beige)
  • Unfaithful (Deep Rose Nude)
  • Lust Angeles (Brown Beige)
  • Psycho Candy (Fuchsia) x
  • Unnatural Natural (Mahogany)

Full reviews of the Luxetrance lipstick formula and swatches of most of the shades in the entire range can be found right here on the Beauty Blackout.

Review of the Skin Show Nudes shades can be found here.

Review of the Blitz Brights and Vicious Venoms can be fouind here.

Last but certainly not least, we have an in-depth review of Madame Greige and Lust Angeles for your perusal. here.

Now, onto the swatches - behold, the larger part of the 17-Piece LuxeTrance Set:







Sorry, Not Sorry

Major Red


Psycho Candy

She's Heaven

Madame Greige


Lust Angeles

Unnatural Natural

For those unwilling to shell out over half a grand for lipsticks in one go, Pat McGrath is also offering Curated Collections in variations of nudes, pinks, and reds. Each of these mini collections contains three LuxeTrance lipsticks.


Price: USD $95
Value: USD $114
Free Domestic Shipping

"EXCLUSIVE TO PATMcGRATH.COM - The ultimate holiday lip sets star three salacious trios of LuxeTrance™ Lipstick that promise to provoke, seduce and slay the season in hues that hug every curve."

SKIN SHOW: Curated Collection

  • Lavish (Mauve Rose)
  • LaBeija (Warm Peach Tone Beige)
  • Unfaithful (Deep Rose Nude)




COLOUR BLITZ - REDS: Curated Collection

  • McGrath Muse (Warm Red)
  • Major Red (Cool Red)
  • 35mm (Burgundy Pink)

McGrath Muse (Warm Red)

Major Red (Cool Red)

COLOUR BLITZ - PINKS: Curated Collection

  • Profumo (Neutral True Pink)
  • Pink Ultraness (Deep Cool Magenta)
  • Psycho Candy (Fuchsia)

Profumo (Neutral True Pink)

Psycho Candy (Fuchsia)

Soooooooo.....which of these sets are you planning on getting? If you haven't bought any LuxeTrance lipsticks yet, you officially have NO EXCUSE anymore. Let us know your favourite picks in the comments. And if you have any more questions or need (even more) enabling from us, leave a comment too - we're good at chattering and very good at enabling.

--Emily & Rachel