Pat McGrath’s LiquiLUST 007 Collection is BACK for Festival Season: The Colour Blitz Kit, The Femme Moderne Duo + The Beauty Blackout Guide to Slaying the Season

When we received an email from Pat McGrath Labs alerting us to the (limited-release) return of the LiquiLUST™ 007 Collection, we didn't waste a minute. Obviously, time is of the essence when it comes to all things LE, and so we've made it easier for you to navigate this post by breaking down our reviews of the collection into separate sections. Simply click on any of the names below to skip straight ahead to the individual product review.

*If you prefer to read at leisure (we do), then simply scroll on.

Pat McGrath Has Been Keeping Us Very Busy...

If you’re one of The Beauty Blackout's OG readers (fist bump - we love you!), you’ll probably remember that epic blackout I had back in November. It involved me, a limited edition Pat McGrath Labs collection, and two late night orders placed by yours truly. I only got around to reviewing half of the LiquiLUST™ 007 collection before it was sold out, and then along came a glut of spring releases, many from Pat McGrath herself. First, there was the aptly-named Decadence Eyeshadow Palette, which was released at the same time as the absolutely major expansion of the OG MatteTrance Lipstick range (11 new shades, people - we picked up 9 of them. For the blog and our readers. Obviously.)

Apparently, there really is no rest for the wicked because nary a breath did we catch before Pat rolled out her gorgeously-packaged Lip Fetish Lip Balm. PSA: Lip Fetish is back in stock and you can read the The Beauty Blackout’s epic review of it HERE.

Both Rachel and I managed to restrain ourselves from jumping on the adorable Valentine's Day duo starring Omi and Elson (packaged in red tubes, natch). Pretty impressive, huh? (Note: I've been eyeing the set on eBay regularly so perhaps don't pat me on the back just yet).

Most recently (and perhaps most excitingly) has been the release of three new MTHRSHP Eyeshadow Palettes - yes, I got them all, and yes, we WILL be reviewing them on the blog soon (along with the Decadence collection. which we want to do full justice to. No ETA available but expect it to be epic.) In the meantime, you can check out my Instagram highlights for swatches and detailed breakdowns of every single MTHRSHP palette, and how they hold up to the OG trio of Mothership Palettes that inspired them. Oh yeah, I also picked up the new Perma Precision Liquid Eyeliner to review too. Mother has had us hard at work, because chronicling any PMG beauty blackout is a truly major project to take on.

But the focus of today's post is something of a throwback, albeit a much-welcome one delivered straight from Pat McGrath's Vault. Just in time for the 2018 festival season, Mother has benevolently brought back (most of) her LiquiLUST™ 007 collection. Which makes this a perfect time for me to review the kits I didn't get around to doing last time. Believe me, the last 48 hours have been a blur. (That’s right, I pulled not one but two all-nighters for you.) Today’s post will cover the LiquiLUST™ Colour Blitz Kit and the LiquiLUST™ 007 Femme Moderne Duo (the Deceit Duo has been re-released also so make sure to check out that review too). Pat is also re-releasing three "scintillating shades” of the LiquiLUST™ liquid lipsticks, available as singles in their very own sequin-stuffed pouches. The returning LiquiLUST shades are Nightshade, Revelation Red (both included in the Colour Blitz Kit), and Possessed. Possessed was previously only available in the LiquiLUST™ 007 Skin Show Kit, which is sadly not returning. However you can read my full review of it HERE. Last but not least - try and control your excitement (we know it’s hard) - both shades of Pat's KY Jelly are BACK, and now available in a limited edition duo aka the LiquiLUST™ 007 Astral Vinyl Gloss Kit.

This time, I decided to embrace Pat McGrath's enthusiasm and go all out. Read on for the long-awaited (right?) lowdown on the rest of the LiquiLUST 007 Collection.

Warning: I did not hold back on channelling the festival vibes.


Remember that email we mentioned at the beginning of this post alerting us to the re-release of LiquiLUST™ 007 Collection? Rachel and I get a real kick out of the copywriting style that is standard form over at Pat McGrath Labs, and we know many of our readers do as well. Since we can't possibly improve on the overly-embellished verbiage in the email itself (which is unfortunately nowhere to be found on Pat's official website), here's a screenshot straight from my inbox:

If you're not in the mood for squinting at the screen, lucky you! Here's Pat's explanation of why she's decided to open up her 'Vault' for the 2018 Festival Season:


This LEGENDARY LIMITED EDITION LAB is available in scintillating singles, divine duos and a captivating kit starring EVERYTHING a girl or boy needs to SLAY the SPRING MUSIC SCENE.”

Sorry, but we had to do it full justice. Before we proceed to slay the spring music scene, a couple of things to note. At the end of each review, we've included a link to the product page on Pat McGrath's official website. We are not in any way affiliated with Pat McGrath Labs (although we'd certainly love to be and are open to offers if you're reading this, Pat). Basically, we won't be getting any commission if you click on the links. All we're doing is making the purchasing process a little less tedious for you, because shopping is such a drag, we know.

In spirit with Pat's lofty claim that these products contain "EVERYTHING a girl or boy needs to SLAY the SPRING MUSIC SCENE", we’ve rated every product in this review on the The Beauty Blackout's 1-10 Scale of Festival-Worthiness (patent pending). Obvs, 10 is the best grade to get - fuckin' duh. Consider any product that gets a 5 fit for Firefly, but don't even think about wearing it to Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza. As for anything we've graded in the 1-3 range, here's all you need to remember: a) this prouct seriously sucks, and b) hey, at least you can wear it to this year's Gathering of the Juggalos!

The Colour Blitz Kit

The Colour Blitz Trio is obviously the highlight of this post because everyone knows festival season is all about colour. Neon colours, cultural appropriation of people of colour, and the rainbow-coloured array of dubiously-sourced pills you've been ingesting since Day 1.

What’s Inside the Colour Blitz Kit:

Total Damage: US$75

LiquiLUST™ Colour Blitz Trio top to bottom: Wreckage Totale™ 1, Revelation Red, Nightshade.

*Note: In my previous reviews of the LiquiLUST™ 007 collection, I wasn't very experimental. However, this time around, I decided to put my (possibly non-existent) lip artistry skills to the test and come up with several "museum-worthy lip masterpieces". **

**If you don't think my creations are museum-worthy and/or masterpieces, you clearly have no taste so please just, like, GTFO.

I'm joking. Slay away in the comments section below.

Wreckage Totale™ 1 Liquid Lipstick

First up is Wreckage Totale™ 1, which is described as a 'bright fuchsia'. I was surprised how much I liked this one considering my general wussiness about bright colours (yeah, it's true). Wreckage Totale™ is full-on fuchsia, neither cool nor warm but unapolgetically bright. Slathering it on perked up my face right away (and my mood), and I noticed that the formula was creamier, more opaque and more comfortable than the nude LiquiLUST™ shades had been. One caveat: I noticed my tube of Wreckage Totale™ 1 had a rather odd smell...perhaps I just got a dud but it's worth a mention.

Emily wearing LiquiLUST™ Wreckage Totale™ 1 Lipstick.

Wreckage Totale™ 1 + Violet 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment

Wreckage Totale™ 1 with glitter on top ended up being a surprisingly great combination and as you can see, I was very liberal indeed with my use of the exhaustingly-lengthily-named Violet Crystalline Micro-Fine blah blah. Now, would I normally sport this type of look out of the house? Definitely not. Well, how about Coachella? Would I wear it there? To be perfectly honest, the chances of you ever finding me at Coachella are pretty close to nil but hey, stranger things have happened I guess. Short answer: Sure. Absolutely. I deem Wreckage Totale™ 1 + the Violet Crystalline Pigment a Coachella-worthy combo.

Emily wearing Wreckage Totale™ 1 LiquiLUST Lipstick topped with the Violet 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment.

Wreckage Totale™ 1 + Violet 007 Crystalline Micro-Fine Pigment + Clear Vinyl Gloss

The idea of adding gloss on top of the Wreckage Totale™ 1 lipstick and Violet Crystalline pigment admittedly struck me as a step too far. My lips at this point were already holographic. Was it really necessary to go for a "3D plastic effect" too? Well, readers - I did it for you. Behold my 3D plasticky-looking, holographic fuchsia pout. Wreckage Totale indeed.

Emily wearing LiquiLUST™ Wreckage Totale™ 1 with Clear Vinyl Gloss.

Level of festival-worthiness: 10. Wreckage Totale™ 1 is a fabulous pop of fuchsia, and - when you think about it - a perfectly named shade for festival season. I mean, just look at the name: Wreckage Totale™ 1. So much meaning captured in just two words, so many nuanced interpretations.

Wreckage Totale™ equals:

a) you at the end of the festival (admit it);
b) the post-apocalyptic sight of the post-festival premises and;
c) what all your friends are calling you after that regrettable flood of Instagram uploads you posted at 4am when you were partying hard - pupils fully dilated, obvs - with Avicii in the background spinning his last set. So dope.

Revelation Red Liquid Lipstick

Revelation Red is described as a “true blue red” and, out of all the liquid lipsticks in the Colour Blitz Kit, has the strongest formula of the lot. It's a red, yes, but damn, it's a nice one.

Emily wearing LiquiLUST™ Revelation Red.

Level of festival-worthiness:7.5. Revelation Red might be a little too “basic” to sport on its own as a truly festival-worthy shade, but it's nevertheless a fabulous red liquid lipstick. And Pat offers an infinite variety of pairings (see below for one of my museum worthy masterpieces of Revelation Red paired with Nightshade). Of course, if you really want to turn things up a few notches but without all the layering and bedazzling, you can still achieve that authentically culturally-appropriated Coachella vibe by pairing Revelation Red with a feathered Native American headdress.

Emily is ready to slay the season in LiquiLUST™ Revelation Red Lipstick, a vaguely tribal armband...thing, mirrored Raybans, and feathery dreamcatcher earrings.

Nightshade Liquid Lipstick

Nightshade is described as a “deep eggplant” and indeed, it's definitely darker than its namesake plant, Deadly Nightshade (more commonly known as belladonna.) While the flowers of the belladonna plant are a light shade of purple, we're thinking that it's the glossy black berries that provided the inspiration for the name. The belladonna plant is infamous for being one of the deadliest poisons found in nature. Sexy! As well as being a toxic poison when ingested, the belladonna plant provided us with arguably the first organic blush to be produced (its leaves and berries contained pigment that was perfect for using as rouge.) And that's not all. Fashionable ladies were known to drip tonics containing essence of belladonna into their eyes to achieve a wide-eyed, youthful look. The tonics were great at dilating pupils (and eventually causing blindness). Since dilated pupils are de rigeur amongst festival-goers, the name fits right into the 'slay the season' theme..

Emily wearing Nightshade LiquiLUST™ Lipstick.

Formula-wise, I was not impressed with Nightshade. Putting aside my bias against these type of Hot Topic goth sort of shades, I'll just say that it took 4 layers of this stuff to achieve opacity due to the streakiness of the formula. Oh and don't even think of applying this one without a mirror.

Level of festival worthiness: 2. Finally, a shade appropriate for the annual Juggalo convention! I find the inclusion of this shade in a kit named "Colour Blitz" confusing because it is not colourful at all- in fact, it has all the darkness of a black hole. Why not throw in a vibrant orange? Or a frosted lavender instead? On the plus side, there's the fact that it's unlikely anyone will bother you while you're wearing Nightshade. They'll be far too intimidated.

Two 'Museum-Worthy Lip Art Masterpieces'

Looking at the ad copy of the original Colour Blitz kit, it’s apparent that a few changes have been made. No longer is the formula described as “hydrating and ultra-matte” - instead Pat simply promises a “whipped, cushiony texture.” Smart move because I’d be totally lying if I called these lipsticks ‘hydrating'. Determined to do justice to this "aphrodisiacal assortment of legendary lip paraphernalia", I attempted to create two of my own 'museum-worthy lip masterpieces'. Do they pass the test? Let us know in the comments.


For my first 'custom couture' creation, I applied Nightshade over Revelation Red, concentrating it most heavily in the outer corners of my lips The aim was to create a 3D ombré effect and (hopefully) a 'captivating canvas of outrageous opulence'. This look screams "I'm too high maintenence for tents, so you can find me glamping at Glastonbury."

Emily wearing an ombré lip, created with Pat McGrath LiquiLUST™ Lipsticks in Nightshade and Revelation Red.


The Crystalline Microfine-Pigment in Violet 007 is described as an "opalescent violet pearl”, and when pressed onto the lips from the the outer corners towards the centre, you get a glimmering gradient effect that will instantly transport you to Miami. Refer to the picture below, where I've created my second "scintillatingly surrealist' ombré lip. This time, I layered Nightshade over Revelation Red and then went HAM with the glitter pigment. Pretty intense, huh? Not kidding, I don't think anyhting short of actually ingesting LSD would have produced the rainbows of flashing lights that danced across my lips in the afternoon sun. It was like synaesthesia, dude. I could almost hear the seductive thump-thump of EDM in the background. Wear this combo and you're halfway to ULTRA! Let the party begin.

Emily has got her Vicks inhaler in hand, is wearing a custom ombré lip created with LiquiLUST™ Revelation Red and Nightshade (topped with generous amounts of Violet 007 Crystalline pigment). Girl is ready to ROLL and set for Ultra.

The LiquiLUST™ 007 Colour Blitz Kit is available exclusively on Pat McGrath's website here.

The LiquiLUST™ 007 Colour Blitz Kit and Deceit Duo

What’s Inside the Colour Blitz Kit and Deceit Duo:

Total Damage: US$ 95| US$ 113 value

Buying this kit effectively saves you US$18 from buying the Colour Blitz Kit and the Deceit Duo separately. That amounts to a pretty generous 19% discount if you buy them together. You’re basically getting the Deceit Duo for an extra 20 bucks. The question is really whether Deceit and Nightshade are different enough to justify needing both. In my opinion, the two are virtually identical once applied but Deceit is the less streaky of the two.

LiquiLUST™ Colour Blitz Trio and Deceit Kit top to bottom: Wreckage Totale 1, Revelation Red, Nightshade, Deceit.

The The LiquiLUST™ 007 Colour Blitz Trio and Deceit kit is availale on Pat McGrath's website here.

The LiquiLUST™ 007 Deceit Duo

What’s Inside the Deceit Duo:

Total Damage: US$ 38| US$ 44 value

To read my FULL and pretty damn hilarious review of the LiquiLUST Deceit Duo, click HERE. If you recall, I did not have a good time with the Deceit Duo, and it took me awhile to recover emotionally. In the tube, Deceit appears to be a rich reddish burgundy, but, well- Pat's lipsticks tend to run dark. Once applied, Deceit is as close to black a shade any Hot Topic shopper would be proud to wear.

Emily wearing LiquiLUST™ Deceit.

Level of festival worthiness: 4. I wasn't sure how Deceit fit in with the festival theme and was prepared to give it a lower score, but then I discovered goth festivals and subsequently realized Deceit would be perfect whilst attending the annual Endless Night Vampire Ball! Apparently they have a vampire court and masquerade ball.

The LiquiLUST™ 007 Deceit Duo is available from Pat McGrath's website here.

The LiquiLUST™ 007 Femme Moderne Duo

What’s Inside the Femme Moderne Duo:

  • Femme Moderne LiquiLUST Liquid Lipstick
  • Bronze Astral Vinyl Gloss

Total Damage: US$ 38| US$ 44 value

The LiquiLUST™ Femme Moderne Duo top to bottom: Femme Moderne, Bronze Astral Vinyl Gloss.

This kit includes the LiquiLUST™ lipstick in Femme Moderne paired with Bronze Astral Vinyl Gloss. Femme Moderne is a pale, neutral-leaning-cool beige that may verge into corpse-lips territory depending on your skintone. As previously noted, the lighter nude shades in this formula can be quite drying which certainly doesn't improve the corpse-y situation.

Emily wearing LiquiLUST™ Femme Moderne.

Level of festival-worthiness: 2. We all know the dangers of dehydration that can occur whilst blistering yourself in the California desert and taking the requisite ungodly amounts of dubiously sourced MDMA. This shade is an accurate representation of how your lips will look post-festival, but not quite flamboyant enough to achieve full “festival-glam”.

Emily wearing LiquiLUST™ Femme Moderne with Bronze Astral Vinyl Gloss.

The LiquiLUST™ Femme Moderne Duo is available from Pat McGrath's website here.

*Please note that the Divine Nude duo is still available from Sephora here but not on Pat's website. You can read our review of Divine Nude, which was included in her Skin Show set, here.

The LiquiLUST™ 007 Singles

What’s Inside the LiquiLUST™ 007 Singles:

  • Revelation Red LiquiLUST™ Liquid Lipstick
  • Nightshade LiquiLUST™ Liquid Lipstick
  • Possessed LiquiLUST™ Liquid Lipstick

Total Damage: US$ 22 each

Each LiquiLUST™ lipstick includes 0.17oz/5 ml of product.

Possessed Liquid Lipstick

To read my review of Possessed, previously included in the Skin Show Shades kit, click HERE, but to summarize: Possessed is a wearable muted rose - ie: right up Normal Me's alley. I do think it's a dupable shade and I believe I noted you could "meet your future in-laws" in it. Frankly, it's a bit at odds with the rest of the bright and bold colours offered, which are "go-big-or-go-home" statement shades, and more appropriate for festival season. I do like it- but if the collection has a "safe choice", this is it. Normal Me likes safe, but in my quest to become the Queen of Festival-Worthiness (bring on the neon!), Possessed doesn't quite cut it.

Emily wearing LiquiLUST™ Possessed.

Level of festival-worthiness: 3. Nothing about Possessed screams “festival” to me, at least not the modern interpretation of a festival. What this rosy-brown MLBB shade would be perfect for is an old-school 90s Lilith Fair Earth Goddess look. Break out the hemp necklaces and hippy skirts, put on some Sarah McLachlan, and rock it 90s-chic style.

LiquiLUST™ Possessed is available on Pat McGrath's website here.

The Astral Gloss Kit

What’s Inside the Astral Gloss Duo:

  • Bronze Astral Gloss
  • Gold Astral Gloss

Total Damage: US$ 38 | US$ 44 value

Top to bottom: Gold Astral Gloss, Bronze Astral Gloss

The Astral Gloss Kit is recommended for day 3 of the festival onwards, when you're so fucked up that slathering shiny glittery gloss on your lips (or any part of your body, really) is realistically the most you can manage in terms of makeup- your care level is 0 at this point and so are your application skills. The Bronze Astral Gloss and Gold Astral Gloss are similar once applied, but the Bronze gloss imparts a bit more impact and has a pretty pink shift.

Level of Festival-Worthiness: 5.5. Remember these double as KY Jelly/lube so they could come in handy in a pinch. You have to be resourceful in these situations.

The Astral Gloss Kit is available on Pat McGrath's website here.

See you in the desert!

-- Emily & Rachel