Sephora Sale Madness

For beauty addicts, few occasions deliver as heady an adrenaline rush as the prospect of a forthcoming sale. Each November, the Sephora VIB (Rouge - did you really need to ask?) sale beckons its siren song to those of us waiting to stock up on seasonal necessities (a foundation shade a notch or two paler, perhaps some heavy duty skincare products for those of us forced to endure winters in the northern hemisphere). It's also an opportunity to splurge on pricey items we've been eying, and try new things. I am terribly disloyal and generally don't stick to one website or store (shopping around is half the fun), but come October you can be sure I'm revising my Sephora cart and loves list endlessly. So if you're all set with your regular products and want to have some fun, here's an overview of some new and new-ish products from my favorite brands.

Clarins also reformulated their Double Serum (for the 8th time I believe). Those looking to punch up their winter skincare regimine might enjoy this, as long as you aren't sensitive the the many botanical extracts Clarins uses in their skincare products. The new Double Serum has the same hydric phase and lipidic phase, and the same ingredients with a few new extracts, included teasel and tumeric, a powerful antioxident. The dispenser has also been redesigned and is now adjustible, which I appreciate because you can customize your oil-water ratio. I'm hesistant to flat-out recommend skincare products because they're even more YMMV than foundation, but this is a somewhat iconic product that has been around for decades so it's worth mentioning.

Sadly his eyeshadow singles, which will be exclusive to Sephora in the US (sold at regular counters elsewhere), don't drop until Black Friday. Hopefully this will give us enough time to recover from the sale, but would have been nice to grab a few of these at 20% off!

YSL's new foundation, All Hours, has been getting mixed reviews- I've seen both raves and rants. I tested out a sample and it seems lightweight, semi-matte, and long lasting, although definitely not 24 hours as they claim (why do companies do that??). My skin is dry-normal and the Touche Eclat foundation lasts all day on me as well, so I can't speak to oilier skin types.

I really wish the Touche Eclat Cushion was available at Sephora, as well as the Dior Diorskin Cushion. However lots of foundation favorites are available during the sale- I love Armani base products especially Luminous Silk, Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation and Concealer, and Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. The Koh Gen Do may be my favorite, I've never used a foundation that just looks so much like skin. The sale is a great time to buy as the price is on par with Luminous Silk- not cheap. A con would be the extremely laughable shade range. KGD is a Japanese brand that really wasn't well known in the U.S. until the past few years. I remember first purchasing their liquid illuminator from Sephora online; I went into the store to ask about it ahead of time since it was difficult to find it in person or find reviews online and the SA looked at me like I was nuts. They had never heard of the brand despite selling it online. Anyway, this meaningless tangent means to illustrate that IMO the foundation shade range was clearly solely designed with Japanese skintones in mind- I wear 213 which is either the deepest or 2nd deepest shade and I'm basically an Average White Chick. However, my fellow olive people who are in the NC 20-25 range may be in luck as 213 is a nicely muted olive color that is the closest match I have ever found to my winter skintone.

Other favorites to consider